Hear what our clients are saying about our integrative approach to massage

The following reviews have been derived from the Broad Ripple Massage Practice Page on Yelp:

“I’ve now had massages with both Anthony and Jeff, and the were both fantastic. Both super nice guys, both very professional, both made me feel very comfortable and did a fantastic job. I’m scheduling monthly appointments now.”
~Denay- Indianapolis, IN

“I thought I’d use a Groupon for a massage that was a birthday gift right before the start of my stressful senior year. I am so glad I did! Jeffrey is so personable and very dedicated to tending to your needs (even if you are really ticklish like me)! Aromatherapy + hot stones and towels + fewer knotted muscles = happy Lizzie. I’m sure you will have a pleasant experience no matter who you book your appointment with. Going back in 3 weeks! Thanks Jeffrey!!!
~Lizzie- Indianapolis, IN

“I had an appointment with Meg and she was very friendly and professional. I already scheduled my next appointment! Thanks Meg :)
~Anonymous Groupon Client- Indianapolis, IN

“They were very accommodating and were able to get me an appointment with Anthony on short notice. My massage was amazing! He concentrated on my problem areas using a combination of hand strokes and hot stones. It felt great! He also asked me several times if the pressure was alright or too much? I appreciate it when massage therapists do that because otherwise I don’t always speak up. ”
~Dorina- Boston, Massachussets.

7/27/2013 Kristen C. West Lafayette, IN

Just had a massage by Jeff! This was my first massage ever. He made me feel very comfortable since it was my first one. Definitely recommend the hot stones! Will be going back again! :)

7/6/2013 Courtney. Indianapolis, IN

WOW! Just had one of the best massages of my life!!!! :) Thanks to Anthony!  I woke up the other morning with a terrible stiff neck and back.  I’ve tried advil, ice packs, heating pads, etc. and NOTHING has worked!!! Decided it was time to get a massage AND IT WORKED!!! I feel soo much better! My neck isn’t stiff anymore and I can actually move it!  The massage rooms here are beautiful, very relaxing, calming, and inviting!! All the therapists are wonderful!!! Definately going to make monthly visits to this place!!!! THANK YOU ANTHONY!!!!

5/25/2013 Jessica S. Indianapolis, IN

AMAZING!! I received the massage as a gift, and it had been years since I had one. NOW I AM HOOKED! I was a little nervous at first, but Jeffrey instantly put me at ease. Friendly, professional, and very knowledgable. I received the integrated massage that included hot stones, stretching, deep tissue, and aromatherapy. I don’t think I could have been more relaxed! The session felt personalized to my specific needs and he was very attentive. I will definitely be back, and recommending him to everyone. Thanks Jeffrey!

5/11/2013- A.M. Indianapolis, IN

Anthony is as good as it gets.  Excellent massage, easy booking, and the overall experience was superior.  Highly recommend!

5/6/2013- Dorina M. Boston, MA

My brother bought a Groupon to this place for his girlfriend to use. Long story short, they broke up and while visiting him this weekend, I got the massage instead! I’m not one to benefit off other people’s heartbreak, but since he offered…

They were very accommodating and were able to get me an appointment with Andrew on short notice. My massage was amazing! Anthony concentrated on my problem areas using a combination of hand strokes and hot stones. It felt great! He also asked me several times if the pressure was alright or too much? I appreciate it when massage therapists do that because otherwise I don’t always speak up.

3/31/2013 Kathy S. Indianapolis, IN

Enjoyed massages from a variety of therapists in the past few years, and my experience with Anthony today will make me a repeat customer. The atmosphere soothes and energizes, and the integration of many massage styles hit all the right spots!

Aging knee injury or surgery? Anthony has personal experience that translates into knowing how to take care of your precious joints! Finding a massage therapist who “loves scars” and doesn’t back off from them is priceless.

2/28/2013- Rachel H. Indianapolis, IN

I’ve been going to see Jeff at BRMP for a few months now and I cannot say enough good things about he or the practice. I’ve been recommending BRMP to anyone who will listen or expresses an interest in receiving a massage. Jeff is top notch in professionalism and experience. I went in one January morning with extreme pain in my calves that I had been experiencing for a few days. The next day, the pain had vanished.

I will not be shopping around for another massage therapist as I have found a great one!

2/6/2013- Stacey H. Indianapolis, IN

I bought a groupon for BRMP a few months ago.  I’ve been to a dozen massage therapists and haven’t found the right fit.  After my first massage with Anthony, I was hooked.  I love the way he integrates deep tissue, aromatherapy, hot stone, and energy work into a single session.  At my last appointment I fell asleep because I was so relaxed…that’s never happened.  I always schedule my next massage when I’m there because I know this is good for me and seeing him monthly is helping my tight back, shoulders, and neck feel a lot better.

1/7/2013- Jennifer P. Indianapolis, IN

I tried Broad Ripple Massage Practice because of a Groupon deal that I bought last month and I am so glad I did!
I went last evening for a 90-minute integrative massage by Jeff.  It was AMAZING!  I’m not going to lie, I was nervous about having a massage by a guy (the only massages I have ever had until now were by women).  Jeff instantly put me at ease and made me feel comfortable.  He was extremely friendly and professional.  I was holding a lot of tension in my shoulders and he was able to really work on this and help relieve a lot of it.  I was very pleased with my experience and have already scheduled another appointment.  I will definitely be recommending him to by friends and family as well!  The only bad part of the appointment was that I had to drive home afterwards and couldn’t just curl up on the massage table and go to sleep there!

1/5/2013- Jane G. Indianapolis, IN

I have a massage therapist that I love and have seen on a non regular basis for years.  In all honesty, I feel somewhat disloyal writing a strong review for another therapist, but it can’t be helped.  I have to give props where they are due.

12/23/2012- Lyndon J. Indianapolis, IN

Personalized a chronic pain sufferer with no relief until now. Focused and knowledgeable. Very friendly staff with your needs in mind. Highly recommended

12/2/2012- Mark H. Indianapolis, IN

I tried Broad Ripple Massage while shopping around for a new therapist.  Well – the shopping is over. Anthony’s technique combined aromatherapy, deep tissue, swedish, stretching, and all in a soothing environment.  He worked out knocks that had been there for years.  An exquisite experience and well worth the price.  I highly recommend Broad Ripple Massage and am happy to have this great gem of a practice.

10/14/2012- Kate B. Indianapolis, IN

Had a great experience with Jeff at Broad Ripple Massage. Would recommend him to others and will book again. Thanks, Jeff.

9/3/2012 Vanessa C. Broad Ripple, IN

Anthony is extremely professional and friendly. I had a one hour integrative massage and my muscles feel like they’ve melted. I will definitely be returning.

8/14/2012 Jesseca W. SoBro- Indianapolis, IN

I really enjoyed a massage with Anthony this afternoon. He was very knowledgable and passionate about his work. I would recommend his service to anyone looking for more than a typical massage. Anthony used hot stones and aromatherapy that really added to the setting. The location was very convenient and professional. Broad Ripple Massage Practice is well worth it!

6/19/2012 Rita M. Indianapolis, IN

“I see a massage therapist regularly.  I decided to give Broad Ripple Massage Practice a try.  I had a great massage from Anthony.  He was very professional and used some techniques that I have not experienced before. The hot stones, aromatherapy and hot towels were an amazing touch.   I was so impressed that I scheduled another appointment in three weeks.”

6/18/2012 Sandy D. South Bend, IN

“Loved it! This was my first massage from Broad Ripple Massage Practice, but I’ll likely return soon.  The location was convenient, the staff was very friendly and professional. I like that the massage used multiple techniques (aromatherapy, heat, hot stones, breathing, balancing). I left the massage so relaxed that I fell asleep right away at home (which never happens)! I noticed that a lot of my issues (stiff neck, soreness in my legs, etc.) were alleviated afterwards. I’d recommend this place to anyone looking for a new regular massage practice!”

4/20/2012 Karen K. Indianapolis, IN

“Received a wonderful relaxing massage while at the same time reducing much pain. Great location, very relaxing environment, and very professional staff. I suffer from very bad back pain and horrible knots. They are able to make a deep tissue massage still relaxing while giving the correct treatment to promote healing. They have an online booking feature which makes scheduling a breeze! If you’re looking for relaxation or to repair any damage and problems, this is a great place!”

4/18/2012 Natalie D. Carmel, IN

“I have gotten two excellent massages from Broad Ripple Massage Practice. The environment is very relaxing, the smells and sounds are familiar. But the best thing is that the massage therapist was very willing to customize the massage just for me. I give 5 stars!”

4/10/2012 Natalie D. Carmel, IN

“Outstanding massage! These guys are great. Jeff really personalizes the massage to my specific needs, which is much appreciated, and I leave feeling better than when I arrived! I give a strong recommendation to check out Broad Ripple Massage Practice!”

4/6/2012 Sheila M. Midland, MI

“Really awesome massage with integration of various techniques. I loved it and really loved the aromatherapy touches I had a headache brewing and it really helped head it off.”